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Ice It! ColdCOMFORT System Large (Model 540) Shoulder
Ice It! ColdCOMFORT System Large (Model 540) Cold Therapy Thermophore

Ice It! ColdCOMFORT System Large (Model 540) Shoulder

$35.99 $37.36

The Large-size Ice It! ColdCOMFORT™ System includes two 6" x 9" B*Packs in a soft 6" x 18" fabric cover that is divided to hold each cold pack securely. The ColdCOMFORT™ System also includs a wide, fully removable elastic and Velcro strap.

About this item

  • Stays flexible when fully frozen, to mold around painful area
  • Quickly reaches freezing temperature
  • Maintains low temperature longer for optimum therapeutic benefit
  • Non-toxic fill enclosed in latex-free vinyl
  • Durable enough to be used several times a day
  • Ergonomic designs for specific areas, such as the neck, shoulder, back or wrist


  • Fabric protects skin from tissue damage due to hypothermia
  • Insulated cover retains cold longer for maximum benefit
  • Plush fabric with foam cushion is soft and gentle on painful skin
  • Prevents condensation from wetting the skin or clothing
  • Fully removable, can be machine washed and dried to maintain freshness and new
  • appearance

Elastic Strap

  • Velcro at both ends to be fully detachable
  • Generous width for stability
  • Long enough for virtually unlimited positioning options
  • Provides customized compression
  • Allows the user to maintain