Sequoia Fitness

Sequoia Fitness Products USA has been a trusted provider of body measurement devices with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. For an athlete looking to measure lean body mass, body fat, or BMI, Sequoia health products are a smart choice for both performance and value. From high quality digital body fat calipers to body tape measure measurers, our selection of Sequoia health products has it all.

Ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, military personnel, and even the average dieter, Sequoia fitness body fat calipers and body measurement tools deliver precise measurements so that you know where you are at every step of your fitness journey. Get body fat percentages and lean body mass results from one of the digital body fat calipers or measure your muscle growth with the Orbitape Body Tape Measure. Either way, Sequoia Fitness Products USA will be there to track your progress.

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