Camelbak Tahoe LR Hydration Pack 50 oz
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This waist-mounted SUP pack leaves your upper body free to find your stroke.

Reservoir Features

  • Antidote Lumbar Reservoir with 1/4 turn - easy open/close cap,
  • Lightweight fillport
  • Center baffling and low-profile design
  • Patented Big Bite Valve
  • HydroGuard technology
  • PureFlow tube
  • Easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening

Pack Features

  • Paddle holster
  • Safety whistle
  • Water friendly materials
  • Camel Clip bite valve positioner
  • Stretch overflow storage
  • PFD compatible

Pack Specs

  • Hydration Capacity: 50 oz / 1.5 L
  • Total Capacity: 305 cu in / 5L + 1.5L Reservoir
  • Total Weight (Pack and Reservoir): 0.616 lbs / 0.28 kg
  • Dimensions: 8 X 14.17 X 6 in / 20.5 X 36 X 15 cm
  • Empty Reservoir Dimensions: Open Mesh
  • Full Reservoir Dimensions: Side cinch 38mm / 1.5" with cargo pockets
  • CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee: If we built it, we'll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee.

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