Energizer 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery
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By Energizer

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Replacement battery
Part#: CR2032

Compatible with any type of pedometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, stopwatch, calculator, electronic notebook, PC card, medical equipment and memory back-up power sources that use a CR2032 battery. Check your product's manual to verify.

Also compatible with Polar RCX5, Polar RS800CX, Polar RS400, 720-ITC, AH120M9, BP706014, BP706034, DMC08, Freestyle Ergo Touch, Freestyle Transporter, HG Wia Wrist, HJ112, HJ320, HJ321, HJ322, HJ150, HJ151, HJ303, PE828, PE830, PE980, Sportline 304 ShinQ, Sportline 310 Qlip Away, Sportline 345, Sportline 370 Traq, Sportline 410, Sportline 470, Sportline WA345, Sportline WA353, Sportline WA355, Sportline WA360, Sportline WA805, PE771, PE799, PE330, PE105 & More. 


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