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A Tri Axis Pedometer for More Accurate Tracking

Tri axis pedometers AKA: Activity Trackers provide a clip mount solution or wrist wearable to counting steps as an estimation of caloric expenditure, not to mention other fitness metrics. More expensive calorie monitors are available with many other functions, but for most people, a tri axis pedometer will do the trick. All tri axis pedometers provide a good amount of biofeedback, which can aid in your training guidance. Tri axis pedometers can be purchased in several model options, and bulk purchases are available for groups or classes are at substantial discounts.

The Role of Biofeedback

Olympic athletes were among the pioneers in research on biofeedback. Trainers found that real-time delivery of vital statistics on the effects of training could enhance performance beyond simply reporting the effects to the athletes after training. When the going was difficult, the athlete could see how far they had come and find the energy to push through to a pre-established goal.

Not long after this, doctors found biofeedback was useful in exercise for patients. Motivation is often difficult when pain is involved, and pain is commonplace for those trying to lose weight or exercise through treatments for cancer and other chronic diseases. The tri axis pedometer provides a basic level of biofeedback by counting steps and storing multiple exercises for comparison. Based off a few calculations, steps provide an estimate of caloric expenditure. Whether you are trying to lose weight or ensure walk training goes further each time, a tri axis pedometer helps by reporting steps accurately.


The first goal of any pedometer is accuracy. Tri axis pedometers are special because they work horizontally and vertically to track steps, distance, calories, and more. Wear them pretty much anywhere and you’ll get accurate tracking metrics. There are also options for tracking target steps and the time. Great for walking programs, tri axis pedometers offer the most accurate tracking at the best price. They’re available in bulk options with protective covers, 7 day memory, low battery indicator, and more.

If you are look for a low-cost tool for biofeedback and means of enhancing performance, a tri axis pedometer like these models get high consumer ratings. 

PedUSA PE-771 Pedometer