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Create Advanced Workouts in Garmin Connect

Here's how to create advanced workouts right in Garmin Connect mobile

By: Gary Rosenberg, Garmin International

With the newest update, we have recently added the ability to create advanced workouts on Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) instead of having only the option of creating these on Garmin Connect.  This makes it easier to create or modify a workout on the fly.

Below are the steps in order to create your own workout.  This is through an android app so may look slightly different on an iPhone app.

Image of Garmin Connect


1. Select "Workouts" from the menu options

Image of Garmin Connect


2. Touch the + in the top right to add a new workout.

Image of Garmin Connect


3. Select the type of workout you would like to create. (I chose Run)

Image of Garmin Connect

4. Add Steps, Repeats or modify the steps that are already started.  You can also modify an existing workout through here.

Image of Garmin Connect

5. Make any changes and save the workout.  Once saved, you can select the transfer to device icon (circled in red below) to send to your unit with the next sync

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