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About Us

Our goal as a company is to make fitness/health technology accessible and available to anyone that wants it. We strongly believe that good data is one of the most important tools you have when it comes to your fitness and health journey. Reliable and easy to use devices are by far the best way to gather this data and use it to fuel your personal fitness & health goals. Whether you need a new GPS watch to track your next 10k, or you're looking for a new blood pressure machine to track your health we are here to make sure you have what you need to meet your goals!

Our Story

HRM USA started as a dream in a small town family run pharmacy in 2001. Armed with a flip phone, a Hotmail account and a single page website, we began by working out of an attic selling heart rate monitors and blood pressure monitors though our eBay store. We continued to labor through the hours of waiting for the AOL dial up hourglass to turn, and packing just 50-60 orders a day with 4 people until we could finally move to our first warehouse in Levittown, PA in 2003.
image of old heart rate monitors usa website

Soon after...

With hard work we outgrew that 1,200 sf of space and moved into our current 30,000 sf warehouse 1 hour outside of Philadelphia, and 1.5 hours from New York in Warminster PA, where we ship out thousands of orders in a day. Getting our customer’s orders to them is extremely important to us. In fact our policy is that any order placed by 4:30PM EST Monday-Friday is picked, scanned out for accuracy, and shipped that same day!

We love our jobs!

We try to keep a fun and casual work atmosphere for our awesome team and even their furry four legged friends!  

And don’t worry if you have a dog allergy, the pups have their own areas outside of the warehouse far away from merchandise and the temptation to chew packages and play in boxes. It is because of this great atmosphere that we are able to provide great customer service and stay on top in our market.