Ultrasound / Electrode / Lubrication Gels

Need ultrasound gel or electrode gel for more accurate body imaging or monitoring? Heart Rate Monitors USA has you covered with ultrasound gel and electrode gel that comes from some of the top brands in the industry to ensure that you get a comfortable and safe reading. Many of these electrode and ultrasound gels are salt-free, water soluble, and hypoallergenic and come made by companies like Spectra, Buh-Bump, and Aquasonic.

If you need electrode gel for heart rate monitor chest transmitters, ultrasound gel for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, or conductivity gel for relief bands, TENS units, ECG equipment and EKG units, then be sure to check out the selection of electrode, ultrasound, and conductivity gels at Heart Rate Monitors USA.

Shop and save on these must-haves for athletes, physical therapists, or healthcare professionals.

Parker Labs Spectra 360 Electrode Conductivity Gel - 60g (2oz.) tube
Parker Labs Spectra 360 Electrode Conductivity Gel - 60g (2oz.) tube

Parker Labs

$1.97 $5.00

Spectra 360 is the leading conductivity gel used by hospitals clinic. Spectra 360 gel is a salt-free, chloride-free electrically conductive gel, and is recommended for guaranteed conductivity for heart rate transmitters and ultrasounds.  Spectra 360 is designed for all electro-medical procedures, except defibrillation....