Monitors for Runners

Runners know – there's just no other sport like it; nothing so pure and so exhilarating. But in order to become better at hitting the trail, track, or pavement, you need the right tools. To help you with every step, Heart Rate Monitors USA offers Polar heart rate monitorsGarmin heart rate monitors, and sport watches from other top brands that are designed just for runners. Say "hello" to your new training companion.

Our runners heart rate monitors are designed to give you all of the important data you need to design a training plan that works for you. You’ll be able to track and train with stats like distance, pace, heart rate, and even performance zones. Wear them as you compete or make them a companion every time you go out for a run. Either way, you'll get the training support you need to make bigger strides as an athlete.

Take your sport to the next level with sports watches and runners heart rate monitors. We offer great savings on Garmin heart rate monitors, Polar heart rate monitors, and other top makers.