Swimmers Need the Garmin Swim Watch

Swimmers have access to more technology than ever for assistance with biofeedback. The Garmin Swim Watch is rated for intense water exposure and designed with a sleek profile to minimize disruption of speed. Accurate measurement of stroke counts, laps, distance, and pace make it easier for you to stay focused on performance and get the extra motivation of seeing the results of training over time.

The Garmin Swim Watch needs a few pieces of information for accuracy. Simply plug in the size of the pool for immediate results. You can also establish preset intervals and store past measurements in the watch for comparison with future measurements. This is useful for those who train to increase performance in a specific style of event.

All fitness watches allow data uploads to the Garmin Connect website. You will find tools here for analysis of results, including calculation of your Swolf score. Coaches and others with a stake in your training efforts can login to the website and view results, so there is no more manual entry or confusion about the timing or conditions behind performance improvements and setbacks.

The Garmin Swim Watch goes a step further than other compatible watches by including ANT+ compatibility. With a nearby computer, data is automatically transferred on a password-protected channel. All features work across Windows and Mac platforms.

Training Analysis
Six buttons surround the face of the Garmin Swim Watch for ease of use. There is no need to memorize button patterns for access of features. The watch is capable of spotting stroke styles, so you do not have to worry with forgetting manual inputs between changes in the routine. Weekly distance is displayed standard under the time, and you'll always have access to the metrics of past performance.

Unlike many modern fitness watches, this one is a self-contained unit. When the battery runs down, you will be able to replace it yourself without any special tools. The Garmin Swim Watch excels with use by professionals swimmers and beginners alike. Performance analysis is helpful for establishing stronger routines, and goal setting is a key factor in maintaining motivation.