Fitbit Activity Monitors

When we talk about "wellness", it's not just about your level of physical fitness. It's much more than that. Wellness encompasses all aspects of your wellbeing, which means the way you eat, the way you exercise, the way you sleep, the way you groom yourself, the way you feel, and even the way you think. As a blend of your mental, physical, and spiritual health, wellness is the core foundation upon which you rest your whole being. If you want to be healthier and live a better quality of life, focusing on wellness is one of the best places to start.

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we offer many tools that can help you achieve a better state of wellness so that you can eat healthier, exercise more, relax, or just start feeling like yourself. One of our tools is the Fitbit, a sophisticated activity monitor that helps to measure your level of wellness in several ways. The Fitbit can track your daily routine from start to finish and show you where you can make improvements so that you can start living at your healthiest.

What the Fitbit Features:

The Fitbit is so much more than a pedometer. As a well-rounded activity tracker, the Fitbit uses sophisticated 3-D motion-sensing technology to help you track your steps, calories burned, distances traveled, and even your sleep patterns! It's small and discreet design allows for it to be worn anywhere you need to go. Just clip it to your pants, shirt, bra, or in your pocket. No matter where you wear it, the Fitbit can help you keep on top of your movements.

Besides monitoring your routine day and night, the Fitbit can also keep you on top of your wellness by giving you supplemental training tools. Sync it wirelessly with Fitbit's own web-based interface so you can see the results of your lifestyle changes, share results with friends, and take advantage of even more great tools through the Fitbit website and Fitbit mobile tools. It even syncs your tracking data with some of the most popular fitness apps, like LoseIt!, Runkeeper, and MapMyFitness so that you know how you’re doing when it comes to pursuing your fitness goals.

If you're ready to start looking at your wellness, not just your fitness, let Heart Rate Monitors USA help with the Fitbit. This popular and sophisticated training tool can help you take the next step towards living a better quality of life.