Approach G3

Garmin Approach G3 is the latest Garmin-branded golf GPS device. The new touchscreen makes navigating among the G3’s different features simple and intuitive. Garmin’s use of illustrations of holes, as opposed to actual satellite photographs, is really starting to grow on us – the illustrations are much brighter than photographs, and are thus viewable in all light conditions. An added bonus is that the Gamin Approach G3 requires absolutely no set-up time at all, with all courses pre-loaded on the device.
Garmin USB Cable
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Garmin USB Cable



USB cable to charge and transfer data to and from compatible devices. USB to Mini USB cable. Compatible With Approach G3/G5 North America Astro 220/320 Colorado 400i/400t Edge 200 eTrex Legend C/Cx/H/HCx eTrex Summit HC eTrex Venture Cx/HC eTrex Vista...