PowerLung Breathing Exerciser
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Training with PowerLung is a very simple workout to accomplish and doesn’t require much time to do. To train with PowerLung you:

  • Inhale and exhale through the PowerLung (a repetition)
  • Perform these repetitions 9 more times
  • Take a short break
  • Repeat these steps two more times for a total of 30 repetitions

That’s all it takes to workout with PowerLung! Do this twice a day to get the optimal training for your breathing.


What's In The Box

  • Powerlung
  • Instructions
  • Zipper Carrying Case
  • Product Registration Form

 Light Resistance (Orange)

  • You are just beginning to be moderately active, but may not yet participate in athletics or a formal exercise program
  • Your breathing is very shallow and you want to train yourself for good deep breathing
  • You want to improve your breathing technique for your singing or playing a musical instrument
  • You are in a wellness or recovery yoga or exercise program
  • You are a student of a low pressure musical instrument


Moderate Resistance (Yellow)

  • You are moderately active, working out 2-3 days a week
  • You walk or swim for fitness regularly
  • You practice Yoga, Pilates or martial arts
  • You want to change to deep breathing from shallow breathing
  • You want stronger vocal resonance, projection and breath control
  • You are a student musician and want to learn good breathing form and support for your sound
  • You prefer to train for a more open breath for your instrument
  • You regularly play a low pressure instrument


Advanced Resistance (Green)

  • You are in good physical and aerobic condition and desire to improve your performance
  • You exercise or train for running, cycling or sports at high intensity almost daily
  • You want to train in your Target Heart Rate Zone for longer and train easier at high intensity
  • You want to train breath management for better sports or music performance
  • You are a professional or advanced musician who wants to play, sing or perform more relaxed for longer periods of time
  • You play a high-pressure instrument but don't always have time to warm up before or between performances


 Sport / Elite Resistance  (Blue)

  • You are in excellent physical and aerobic condition
  • You would consider yourself an elite athlete on the conditioning level of someone in Navy SEALs, Special Ops or SOCOM community.
  • You want to assure every breath gives you the most your body can give
  • You want to perfect managing your breathing to improve your performance for racing or performing well in your job.

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