Performtex Kinesiology Tape Speed Green / 5 Meter PerformTex Kinetic Pro Kinesiology Tape
Performtex Kinesiology Tape Speed Green / 35 Meter PerformTex Kinetic Pro Kinesiology Tape

PerformTex Kinetic Pro Kinesiology Tape

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PerformTex is a hybrid-fiber kinesiology tape that is designed to provide muscle support to athletes in the harshest environment. It is a favorite of many elite athletes around the world who want a dynamic, versatile, and longer lasting kinesiology tape. Kinetic Pro is the best sports tape that is uniquely engineered to be lightweight and provide unsurpassed wicking capabilities.

A blend of premium proprietary fabrics and a superabsorbent surface, quickly draw perspiration from the skin and allow faster evaporation. The tape is loaded with many “release points” that doesn’t enable the sweat to stay at one place. The “twin groove” is the patent of PerformTex and has an adhesive design that perfectly stitches to the skin.

This kinetic pro tape can be used for knee, back, shoulder, and neck support. It is also employed in conditions like shin splints, carpal tunnel, and elbow pain. Every muscle problem can be tackled with this revolutionary tape.


    It provides support to joints and muscles of your body.

    It acts on action causing muscles and provides relief.

    It can also reduce swelling and inflammation in muscles.

    It will accelerate recovery and healing from intense exercise.

    It prevents overuse and over contraction of working muscles.

    It will also delay fatigue and will improve endurance.


    No latex is used

    Enhanced elastic properties

    Improved adhesive strength

    It is made with patent-pending hybrid fiber

    Approved with 100% medical grade, heat activated adhesive

    It is very lightweight

    It has water resistant abilities

    It dries rapidly for improved adhesiveness

    It can be quickly released

    Stays on twice as long as other cotton kinesiology tapes