Garmin Cycling Computers Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer
Garmin Cycling Computers Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer
Garmin Cycling Computers Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer
Garmin Cycling Computers Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer

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Looking for the most advanced Garmin Cycling Heart Rate Monitor?

Customers who purchase an Edge 1030 GPS cycling computer from June 1, 2019, through June 30, 2019, are eligible to receive $100 via mail-in rebate when registering your rebate online at

Additionally, customers who purchase an Edge 1030 GPS cycling computer with a Varia™ RTL 510 radar tail light from June 1, 2019, through June 30, 2019, are eligible to receive $150 via mail-in rebate when registering your rebate online at

Limit one rebate per customer. The product must be purchased in factory-new condition. All submissions must be postmarked by July 30, 2019.

Check out the new Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Bike computer. The Edge 1030 features Trendline popularity routing, which uses billions of miles of rider data to show you the best on- and off-road routes.

  • 3.5-inch color touchscreen claimed to work with gloves, or in the rain

  • 5” bike computer with comprehensive navigation, performance and cycling awareness features
  • Trendline popularity routing uses billions of miles of Garmin Connect ride data to show the best on- and off-road routes
  • Preloaded Garmin Cycle Map provides turn-by-turn directions and new navigation alerts
  • New rider-to-rider messaging¹ lets you stay in contact with other cyclists in your group
  • Challenge yourself every ride with newly updated preloaded Strava live segments feature
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours, extendable up to 40 hours with the optional Garmin Charge™ power pack

Ride longer and stay connected with the Edge 1030 GPS cycling computer. It features Trendline popularity routing, which uses billions of miles of rider data to show you the best on- and off-road routes. It also includes a preloaded Garmin Cycle Map and new navigation alerts that notify you of sharp curves ahead.

Push your performance limits with the newly updated preloaded Strava Live Segments. Or use the preloaded TrainingPeaks app to complete workouts from your coach. Rider-to-rider messaging and GroupTrack help you stay aware and communicate with your buddies as you go. Edge 1030 is compatible with Varia rearview radar and smart bike lights, and it has built-in incident detection to help create a safer riding environment. 

What's Included

 Standard Bundle (010-01758-00) Heart Rate Bundle (010-01758-01)
Edge 1030 Edge 1030
Extended out-front mount Extended out-front mount
Standard mount Standard mount
Tether Tether
USB cable USB cable
Product Manuals Speed Sensor
Cadence Sensor
Premium Heart Rate Monitor
Product Manuals

New Performance Features:

New Strava Segments and Strava Routes Integration
You can download Strava segments to your Edge ®  1030. Changes and enhancements to Edge 1030 Segments involve:

- Edge 1030 will automatically choose who you are racing against depending on your current performance. The device automatically chooses the most relevant time for you to compete against from the following: KOM, PR, Rivals (next fastest and next slowest person you follow on segment leaderboard), your Recent Best, and Last Time. It will automatically change your competitors based on your performance as you ride.

- Integration of Segment Explore feature which allows users to download and compete against the most interesting
segments based on their current location and while they are out riding. These are chosen and selected by Strava and
sent to the Edge, and are updated as your location changes.

To sign up for a Strava membership, go to the segments widget in your Garmin Connect™ account. On the Edge 1030 users will
also be prompted to connect their Strava accounts as they finish setting up their device. New sign-ups will get 60 days free
premium trial on Strava.

Edge 1030 will also come preloaded with the new CIQ Strava Routes app. This allows users to import their Strava Routes directly onto their 1030 via the CIQ app. Simply open the app and the routes will appear. Choose the route you want to ride, choose the
activity profile you want to ride it with, then ride. Once downloaded, this route will be stored within the native Garmin Courses folder and will not need to be downloaded again.
Strava Routes that are downloaded will also automatically include any of the riders Favourited Segments that appear along the
route. This will mean that users will be able to navigate and compete on strava segments at the same time.

The Strava Routes app will also be available for free download on the Edge 520 / Edge 820 / Edge 1000 via

Training Peaks and Best Bike Split Integration:
Edge 1030 will come preloaded with Training Peaks and BestBikeSplit apps:
Training Peaks will allow Training Peaks users to import their workouts directly onto their Edge. Simply open the app, choose the workout from the list, and start the workout using the native Garmin workout functionality.
BestBikeSplit will allow users to import courses with associated BBS power targets. Once a course is imported via the BBS app, the rider will be alerted with specific power targets for each section along the course based on their target.

My Stats page and Physiological data.
Edge 1030 collects data while you ride in order to bring you key physiological indicators on the new, easily accessed My Stats
page. These metrics need data from both a power meter and a heart rate monitor.

Training Status:
Training Status gives you an overview of your longer-term training habits. Provided by Firstbeat, the calculation takes into account changes in fitness level (your VO2 Max), your current acute (7-day) training load and any change in training load, giving you guidance to help you improve your training decisions.

The recognized training states are below.
Peaking – You are in ideal race condition. Your recently reduced training load is allowing your body to recover and fully
compensate for earlier training.
Productive – Keep up the good work. Your training load is moving your fitness in the right direction.
Maintaining – Your current training load is enough to maintain your fitness level.
Recovery – Your lighter training load is allowing your body to recover, which is essential during extended periods of hard
Unproductive – Your training load is at a good level, but your fitness is decreasing. Your body may be struggling to recover, so pay close attention to your overall health.
Detraining – You’ve been training much less than usual for a week or more, and it’s affecting your fitness.
Overreaching – Your training load is very high and has become counterproductive. Your body needs a rest.
No Status – You typically need a week or two of training history, including recent activities with VO2 max results, before we can determine your training status.

VO2 Max
VO2 describes the maximum rate at which you can bring oxygen into your body, transport it to your muscles and use it for efficient aerobic energy production.

Tips for Cycling VO2 Estimates
The success and accuracy of the VO2 max. calculation improves when your ride is a sustained and moderately hard effort, and where heart rate and power are not highly variable:
- Try to maintain your heart rate at greater than 70% of your maximum heart rate for at least 20 minutes during your ride.
- Try to maintain a fairly constant power output.
- Avoid rolling terrain.
- Avoid riding in groups where there is a lot of drafting

Training Load
Training load is a measure of the total volume of your training for the last 7 days. Your Edge 1030 compares this weekly training load to your longer-term training load — also taking into account your fitness level — and shows you if this load is in the optimal range.
Your training load is an indicator of whether you’re doing too much, too little or just the right amount.
The available training load ranges are:
High – Based on your current fitness level and recent training habits, your training load may be too high to produce positive
Optimal – This range is ideal for maintaining and improving your fitness level. Keep up the good work!
Low – Your training load is low for your current fitness level and training habits. If you stay in this range, you are unlikely to see
further improvement.
Recovery Time
After each ride, your Edge 1030 reveals the number of hours before you will be back near 100% and capable of performing a
hard ride. Provided by Firstbeat, the calculation utilizes a combination of the session’s Training Effect score, performance and fitness level assessments performed during the session and the number of hours of recovery time remaining on your clock at the start of your workout.
Recovery time ranges up to 4 days.
For best results, it’s beneficial to first go for several rides with your Edge in order for it to accurately learn your overall fitness level. Once this is established, subsequent recovery time results may be more accurate.
Functional Threshold Power
Your Functional Threshold represents the maximum power output you can sustain for one hour. Your Edge 1030 can detect your Functional Threshold either through a guided workout or automatically during a normal ride. Your Edge 1030 also shows your
FTP in relation to your weight as a watts/kg value and displays it on a simple to follow rainbow gauge.

Tips for getting your Functional Threshold Power. There are 2 ways we calculate your FTP on the Edge 1030:

o Guided Test:
 Using HR and Power data, we take you through a warm up, followed by a gradual increase of targeted
effort in 3-4 minute increments over a period of 15 – 20 minutes.
 Based on your HR response to the increasing Power effort, we calculate your FTP value.
 You have the option to Accept or Reject this value. If you Accept, your power zones will automatically
recalculate based on the new value.
 It is recommended that this test is performed on a road with constant gradient or on an indoor
o Auto FTP Detection:
 If you set a personal 20 minute average Power record, and if 95% of this value exceeds your current
FTP estimate, we will prompt you to accept a new FTP value.
 Again, you have the option to accept or reject this value.

Training Effect
Training effect shows how each training session is expected to impact your future fitness levels. Edge 1030 displays two types of
Training Effect:
Aerobic Training Effect
This measures the aerobic benefit of exercise, which should correlate with the fitness improvement you expect to get
from it.

Aerobic training:

 Develops aerobic energy production
 Utilization of fat for energy
 Endurance and stamina
 Prolonged performance capacity

Anaerobic Training Effect
Your body’s most efficient method of transforming fuel into energy requires oxygen, but sometimes the demand for
energy exceeds the rate at which enough oxygen is immediately available. While not nearly as efficient, the anaerobic
energy process can jump into action and keep you going. The downside is that it becomes depleted quickly.

Anaerobic training:
 Develops anaerobic energy production
 Sprinting abilities
 Fatigue resistance
 Maximal performance capacity

Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect are mapped on a 0-5 scale that accounts for your fitness level and training habits.
0 – None, 1 – Minor, 2 – Maintaining, 3 – Improving, 4 – Highly Improving, 5 -Overreaching.*

Stress Score
Your stress score is calculated during a standing 3-minute test during which your heart rate variability is analyzed. The resulting
stress score is displayed as a number from 0 to 100, with a lower number indicating a lower stress state. This measurement helps assess what level of activity your body is ready for. More accurate results are gathered by taking the test at the same time
and under the same conditions every day (recommended prior to your ride, not after.) This also helps you get a feel for your own day-to- day and week-to- week variations.

New Navigation Features:
Trendline™ Popularity Routing:
For the first time, we are using Garmin Connect activity upload data to guide our routing algorithms. This applies to both on- device routing and the routing in the new Garmin Connect Course Creator on web and mobile platforms.

What activities does Popularity Routing work for?
- On Edge 1030, we will use popularity data for the cycling-specific activity profiles. (e.g. Road / Mountain / Gravel ).
- On Garmin Connect, from August 31 st it will be used on the new Course Creator for Road / Mountain / Gravel. Through Q4 we will also be adding Running as a popularity routing metric on Garmin Connect. We will continue to expand
activity types as our data set grows. This will benefit all course compatible Garmin devices, not just Edges / Edge 1030.

How does Popularity Routing work? How can you help?
- We have added a popularity weighting to our existing map / routing algorithms. It will work in conjunction with our
existing routing algorithms (e.g. minimizing distance) as an extra ‘consideration’. The intent is that we guide cyclists
along the routes that are applicable to their bike type, popular and therefore the most suitable for cyclists.
- Popularity routing won’t be perfect, but it will continue to get better and better over time. We will continue to evaluate
the importance that we give to the popularity portion of our algorithm as we get more and more feedback from our
- The Garmin community can contribute towards this ongoing improvement by accurately attributing their activities
when they upload. E.g. by specifying the type of cycling or running for each activity (e.g. road / mountain / trail etc.) we
have made changes in the software on the newer Edge devices (520 / 820/ 1000 / 1030) to make this easier for users.
- On the Edge 1030 at launch, the Garmin Cycle Map will be using popularity data from 2015. The next Garmin Cycle Map
update (November) will update this data to include 2016. This data will contain more accurately attributed ride
information and will therefore see an even better routing experience. Garmin Connect Course Creator will be using the
2016 data from launch.

Will Popularity Routing algorithms be expanded to other Edge devices?
- We will bring popularity routing to the Edge 820 in Q4 2017.
What maps / areas will Popularity Routing work with?
- Popularity Routing for routes generated by the device will work with areas covered by the Garmin Cycle
- On other maps (e.g. other Garmin topographic maps), normal routing algorithms will be used.
- Any course compatible device user will benefit from popularity-derived routes created on the new Garmin
Connect Course creator.
Garmin Connect Course Creator:
We have completely redesigned the Course Creator on Garmin Connect and introduced the capability on Garmin Connect
Mobile. Initially this will have the following difference:
- on the web platform, the Course Creator will allow point-to- point type planning
- on the mobile platform, the Course Creator will auto-generate Courses based on user inputs (type / distance /
We will bring the auto generated capability to the web platform in Q4 2017. We will also bring the point to point capability to
the mobile platform, although we do not have a specific date for that yet.
We know that users will still want to use other platforms to plan their routes. That’s why we’ve introduced the Strava Routes
app natively on the Edge 1030, and that’s also why we’ve added an import capability on the Garmin Connect Course Creator on
web. This will allow users to import existing routes from other third party platforms and to send them to their Edge.

New Cycling Awareness / Connected Features:
Rider to Rider Messaging.
What do I need to use Rider to Rider Messaging?
- An Edge 1030
- A compatible smartphone with Garmin Connect Mobile. (Android / iOS)
- Garmin Connect connections!
- An active LiveTrack / GroupTrack session running on Garmin Connect Mobile.
- Good cellular network connection for participants.
- A timed activity needs to be running on your Edge for your position to be shared.
Will I be charged for sending a Rider to Rider message?
No. The messages are sent through the Garmin Connect Mobile app and are not typical text messages. They are not
therefore charged by network providers.
Will I be able to create custom messages?
The primary purpose of rider to rider messaging is to help riders communicate more safely between each other if
they become separated – e.g. to relay if they need assistance or if they are ok etc. This is why our initial focus is on
including a list of simple, canned messages. Through Q4 we will though bring in the capability for users to create
their own messages.

Will rider to rider messaging be expanded to other devices?
We will look to bring rider to rider messaging compatibility to the Edge 820 in Q4.
Call and Text Responses
What do I need to be able to respond to a call or text?
- An Edge 1030
- A compatible smartphone with Garmin Connect Mobile. (Android only)
- Good cellular network connection.
- The capability is not available on iOS. This is not a Garmin limitation.
Will I be charged for sending a response to a call or text?
Yes. These messages are normal text messages and will be charged at your normal rates.

Edge 1030 Hardware FAQs:
Sensor compatibilities:
Edge 1030 is compatible with both ANT+ and BLE performance sensors. It is the first Edge to have this capability, following on
from FR935 and Fenix 5.
How many sensors can I use at one time?
- 12 ANT+ Sensors and a phone connection.
- 3 BLE sensors and a phone connection.
- A combination of up to 6 ANT+ sensors , 3 BLE sensors and a phone connection.
Which BLE sensors does 1030 support? HR / Power / CAD / SPD
Edge 1030 Battery Life / Garmin Charge™ battery pack
Edge 1030 users a 1900 mAh battery. This compares to the 1100 mAh battery on the Edge 1000. We expect Edge 1030 users to
experience great battery life on their device. Specifically:
- Up to 20 hours with normal GPS tracking. This is the headline marketing figure we will use.
- Up to 12 hours intense usage (navigating / livetrack / 4 sensors).
- Backlight usage will have an impact on battery life, but users should still expect up to 10 hours of usage with
backlight activated.
- The impact of varia radar on battery life will be dependent on traffic volume.
- The Charge battery pack will add up to an additional 20-24 hours to your device usage. It can be used to
charge your Edge 1030 outside of the riding environment or to power your Edge in-ride.
- The Charge battery pack can be used by existing Edge 520 / 820 / 1000 owners. They will need:
o The battery pack.
o The new mount with modular insert
o Optional short cable for cleaner / tidier connection between USB ports.

Edge 1030 / Battery pack mounting configurations:
- Edge 1030 device SKUs:
 New Flush mount
 Quarter turn insert installed

- Standalone new flush mount retail accessory:

 New Flush mount
 Quarter turn insert installed
 Battery Pack modular insert included – allows people to have everything they need if they
want to put the battery pack on a second bike

- Battery pack retail accessory:
 Battery pack
 New Battery Pack modular insert
 No flush mount given that this will mainly be applicable to Edge 1030 and they will already
have the mount.
 Tool / screws necessary for removing quarter turn insert on their existing Edge flush mount
and replacing with batter pack modular insert.

So, an Edge 1030 user wanting to use the battery pack:
- Just needs to buy the battery pack accessory and change the insert that is provided on their existing mount.
An Edge 1000 / 520 / 820 user wanting to use the battery pack:
- would need to buy the battery pack and the new flush mount.
- The short cable would make their experience better, but is not essential.
Edge 1030 also includes a Battery Save Mode. Depending on usage, Battery Save mode will extend the battery by up
to 50% while still tracking ride detail. User interaction, backlight setting, or alerts and notifications that regularly
activate the display while riding in Battery Save mode will have an impact on battery life.


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What's Included

 Standard Bundle (010-01758-00) Heart Rate Bundle (010-01758-01)
Edge 1030 Edge 1030
Extended out-front mount Extended out-front mount
Standard mount Standard mount
Tether Tether
USB cable USB cable
Product Manuals Speed Sensor
Cadence Sensor
Premium Heart Rate Monitor
Product Manuals