Wahoo Fitness Products - Turn Your iPhone into a Training Powerhouse

Wireless technology is available for all your workouts, whether in the gym or great outdoors. Wahoo fitness products modify existing iOS devices for more convenience and better use of applications relating directly to your fitness goals. Take a look at the features of the most popular kits and add-ons by Wahoo Fitness.

The Wahoo Run-Gym Pack provides a wireless connection between the iOS device and biofeedback fitness devices, such as the included Wahoo Fitness Heart Rate Belt. They key is a wireless ANT+ transmitter with range of ten feet. The low power technology reduces drain on the iOS device charge. The heart rate monitor records beats per minute and transmit these to the key-equipped phone in real time.

The Wahoo Fitness Bike Case provides a way to mount your iOS device securely to the bike and equip it for compatibility with monitoring devices. The built-in transceiver is supported across the ANT+ platform. The mount provides water and shock resistance for the iOS device, and it enhances portability with a phone jack, microUSB port, external home button, and window for the device's camera.

The Wahoo Bike Pack takes these features further by transforming your cycle into a mobile computer. Two microUSB ports make it possible to plug in an external battery pack and data transfer accessory. This pack comes with the Premium Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor, and the bike case is ready for connection to both heart rate monitors and power sensors. All sensors are designed to minimize drag and provide accurate information.

Most people now bring their iPhone into every setting. Exercise presents some specific risks to mobile devices, and Wahoo fitness provides solutions while also giving the phone exercise-specific features. Whether cycling rocky trails in the mountains or through the muddy valley, outdoors enthusiasts can protect their iPhones while still enjoying access to GPS, music playlists, and portability with biofeedback devices.

Walkers and hikers gain as well with products like the weather-proof Wahoo iPhone Armband and the Stride Sensor. Biofeedback is a powerful tool for motivation, and the iPhone contains many fitness apps now made more accessible with Wahoo fitness products.