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Introduction to Forerunner 405
Recreational joggers and elite runners alike will be amazed at the training tools available to them in a watch that could easily be worn all day.

Before your first run
Learn how to turn on auto lap and auto pause features plus acquire satellite signals.
Quick Run
Come along for a run and see how Jake measures up to Forerunner 405s Virtual Partner.
Get lost in your run without losing your way. Find out how Forerunner can get you back to your starting point or other locations.
Touch Bezel
Just wait until you get your hands on the Garmin Forerunner 405s touch bezel. The unique touch, slide and tap operations make it easy to change screens and select features on the fly.
Setting Goals
Need a little nudge to help you stick to your training plan? Forerunner 405 and Garmin Connect make it easy to create and track your individual goals.
Resetting your Forerunner
Forerunner 405 locked up? Jake shows you how to reset it.
Customizing Screens
Forerunner serves up options for over 30 different types of data to display on up to 3 different training pages. Find out how to have it your way.
Simple Workouts
Set up simple workouts based on time, distance or calories burned and let Forerunner guide and motivate you to the finish.
Indoor Workout
Pair Forerunner 405 with an optional foot pod accessory to track your indoor workouts on a treadmill or indoor track.
Bike Mode
Take a spin and let Forerunner 405 track your miles. Learn how to change sport modes and customize the training pages for cycling.
Garmin Connect
Take your training to the next level with Garmin Connect, our online training community. The 405s wireless sync feature automatically sends your data to your computer.
When you add Heart Rate
Follow your heart: how to set up your heart rate monitor for use with Forerunner 405.
Changing the wrist band
Watch as Jake and a Garmin engineer show how to change out the wristband on the 405CX. The adjustable wrist strap is great for smaller wrists and is available as an accessory for the Forerunner 405.