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World-popular fun and innovative way to walk your dog


Track your dog’s health

FitBark tracks your dog's daily activity and turns it into BarkPoints to help you monitor progress. It is a new way to know your dog's health, clarify changes in behavior, and make good decisions with your veterinary.

Small & Smart

Waterproof and lightweight pet tracker – The FitBark dog activity tracker is available in an adorable, waterproof, and lightweight design. This is a big plus in any pet monitoring device to be attached to your dog’s collar. This is as well regarded as the lightest pet tracker available on the market.
Very simple to use app – The Fitbark pet tracker comes with an excellent app, which is user-friendly and loaded with fascinating features, graphs, and reports.

Meet The App

To start, the owner connects the plastic FitBark to the collar of their dog and pairs the gadget using their smartphone over Bluetooth. The FitBark may also be paired with more smartphones, thus enabling many people within a household to upload data to FitBark’s Web server whenever they are in the range of the gadget. This data is instantly available in real time and may be viewed within the smartphone application.


Web Tracking

Free Web Apps, IOS, and Android
All apps are free for all third parties and users. No hidden or monthly charges.
Bluetooth easily connects your Fitbard to your PC or your smartphone. Track every step, jump, and bark!

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