Find an Altimeter GPS Watch at Heart Rate Monitors USA

If you're a skier, hiker, extreme sport athlete, climber, or trail runner, you already know what it's like to take on the extreme. At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we want to prepare you for the next step in your journey by giving you a training tool that can help track every step of the way. If you're curious about altitude, GPS tracking of your course, and workout monitoring capabilities that can help you train smarter, it’s time to take a closer look at the Suunto Ambit altimeter GPS watch.

What's so awesome about the Suunto Ambit?

As the latest and greatest addition to the Suunto heart rate monitor line, the Suunto Ambit incorporates the latest in GPS monitoring technology to give you the most accurate depiction of your journey as possible. Using a built-in GPS navigation system, altimeter, and 3D compass, the Suunto Ambit delivers more than your average GPS watch. In fact, it's become one of the most buzzed about altimeter GPS watches on the market for those who love to explore.

What features does the Suunto Ambit include?

First and foremost, the Suunto Ambit is an altimeter GPS watch, which means that it uses full-featured GPS (SIRF IV) navigations with Find Waypoint functionality to plan and track every step of your route. Its design also offers a built-in altimeter to track vertical ascents and descents, which is awesome if you're looking for training data that goes above and beyond the norm. Other features of the Suunto Ambit include:

  • FusedSpeed technology, which combines the best of both GPS frequencies and an accelerometer to give the most accurate and precise speed data possible.
  • Fast responding sensors for better control over training, trail sessions, intervals, or other workouts.
  • 100 way point creations in both the watch and on, an online training site
  • Optional heart rate functionality
  • Measurement of barometric altitude and temperature
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • Long battery life (15 hours with GPS and HRM; 100 hours without)

Best of all, the Suunto Ambit allows for all of this monitoring power in a sleek and comfortable wristwatch design. No bulky sensors and no ugly interfaces. The Suunto Ambit is all about blending together form and function to create an altimeter GPS watch that everyone can enjoy – and envy.

What options does the Suunto Ambit come in?

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we offer the Suunto Ambit altimeter GPS watch in several styles to suit your needs. Choose from black or silver as well as from with or without heart rate monitoring to find the watch that best suits your training needs and style.

Ready to go to the next level? Order your Suunto Ambit altimeter GPS watch today at Heart Rate Monitors USA.