Accusplit Survivor II (S2XL) Stopwatch

by Accusplit
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Product Details

  • 1,2 Fast Finish, Split/Release Action, Event/Time-Out
  • Water Resistant
  • XL Liquid Crystal Display

Product Details

It’s a great stopwatch for a coach and is easy to use for a student who has to time themselves for individual sprints for class.  S2XL (Survivor II) Stopwatch. Economical features and functions designed to give you professional timing in an affordable manner. Great for general timing, especially for Physical Education and Single Event. Easy to use, it features Split Timing, Time, Date, Day of Week and Alarm. It's a great low-cost stopwatch for basic timing needs.

New S1 model features larger 'magnum' display.



  • WOS 2.5 Operating System
  • Cum Split Only
  • Timing Range 24 hours
  • Event/Time-Out
  • 1,2 Fast Finish
  • Split/Release Action
  • Alarm and Date
  • XL Liquid Crystal Display
  • Water Resistant

What's In The Box

  • Survivor Series II Stopwatch
  • Lanyard
  • Battery
  • Instructions packed in a box