Staff Picks - Heart Monitors

Are you curious as to what heart rate monitors others are purchasing from We have listed the top 10 heart rate monitor watches that have been purchased in the past 6 months to give you a better idea of what favorites can be found in our selection. All of the items found in our top 10 list include free shipping Β on orders over $35 plus great pricing. Check back every so often to see if a new item has made our list. Remember – tracking your workouts is the first step to exercising smarter. Heart rate monitors can help many athletes find their exercise sweet spot. This helps to prevent injuries and pushing too hard, not to mention, more efficient exercise..

Heart rate watches are an awesome tool for any athlete. Heart rate monitor watches by Garmin, Polar, and other great brands are stylish to wear anywhere while tracking heart rate, distance, time and pace. These make great gifts for any occasion; birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc. Also makes a wonderful gift for someone who finished their first 5k or track meet. You or the special athlete in your life will love the comfort and quality of our heart rate monitors and heart rate watches. Check out our top 10 sellers below.