Quest Series

You workout and lead a healthy lifestyle, but there still might be something missing from your training that could be the key to taking it to the next level. Suunto Quest heart rate monitors are instrumental for athletic improvement and are ideal for those who crave more adventure. If you're ready to push yourself to the limit, exceed your own expectations, and take on any terrain, Suunto Quest monitors give you all the data you need to train harder – and smarter.

A Suunto Quest heart rate monitor easily slips on the wrist and can be personalized and programmed to not only monitor your heart rate, but to also track speed, distance, running cadence and laps in real time. Yes, you can really track everything. Create a training program, set reminders and see real time progress when you use a Suunto Quest heart rate monitor from the selection of HRMs at

Go further than you ever thought. These HRMs are sure to keep up with your pace, as well as your taste for taking on new challenges.