The Suunto Ambit: The Ideal GPS Watch for Explorers

You're an explorer. If it involves venturing out into the unknown or taking on challenging terrain, you're in. As for places you've explored, the list is long and diverse. Explorers are interesting people – but they demand the right tools to get where they're going and to chart the experience.

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we're proud to offer some great products for explorers that are designed to help you quench your thirst for adventure while documenting every step of your trip. One of the coolest gadgets we have in our selection for explorers is the Suunto Ambit GPS watch, which offers altitude, speed, location, heart rate, and even weather conditions – all in one stylish, comfortable unit.

The Suunto Ambit comes feature-packed, with outdoor functions that include:

  • GPS navigations with Find Waypoint functionality
  • Readings for temperature and barometric altitude
  • Route planning, tracking, and track logging, to document every step of your journey
  • 100 different waypoint creations in both the GPS watch and on
  • Gives location in multiple coordinate systems
  • A high tech 3D compass (including military scale)
Additionally, the Suunto Ambit GPS heart rate monitor includes advanced training functions, to help you take your workouts even further. If you're a backcountry skier or competitive skier, a hiker, trail runner, or mountain climber, the Suunto Ambit will help you train smarter for your sport. Its unique design showcases advanced training features such as compatibility with online training tools at, accurate tracking for vertical speed, recovery time tracking, real-time workout stats, and FusedSpeed, which gives accurate and highly responsive pacing data. There’s also optional heart rate functionality, depending on which model you choose.


As for construction, the Suunto Ambit GPS watch doesn't disappoint. This awesome tool for explorers offers 100 hours of battery life (when GPS is not in use) and 15 hours of battery life when using GPS and optional full heart rate functions, all powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The watch itself is a comfortable wear, seeing that it's made with WristWear design and Suunto's attention to detail when it comes to offering the best product possible for users. Did we mention that the Suunto Ambit is also water resistant up to 100 meters?

For those who like to take on uncharted territory or practice their sport on and off the beaten path, the Suunto Ambit offers you an opportunity to get smarter training data as well as tracking for every step of your journey. Order yours today at Heart Rate Monitors USA in the following options: