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KT Tape Pro Synthetic (Pre-cut 20 strips) - Winner Green
KT Tape Pro Synthetic (Pre-cut 20 strips) Sports Therapy KT Tape Winner Green
KT Tape Sports Therapy KT Tape Pro Synthetic (Pre-cut 20 strips)

KT Tape Pro Synthetic (Pre-cut 20 strips) - Winner Green

$16.97 $19.99

Introducing KT Tape Pro - the ultimate solution recommended by trainers to keep you pain-free and fully supported exactly where you need it. With KT Tape Pro, you can ensure comfort and relief throughout multiple intense workouts, as it stays securely in place for up to seven days.

This extraordinary tape performs impeccably, even in the toughest conditions, such as daily showers, humidity, freezing cold, or even when you're taking a dip in the pool. Crafted to withstand the harshest environments, KT Tape Pro is the world's only 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, enhanced with a stronger adhesive that can endure any challenge you throw at it.

Each box contains pre-cut strips of this remarkable synthetic tape, neatly organized in a durable, hard-plastic carrying case with twist-on lids - perfect for your gym bag or purse. Additionally, you'll find a Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to address the most common injuries, as well as a KT sticker to show your support.

Synthetic Microfiber

KT Tape Pro can be worn comfortably in the shower, in the pool or while riding big waves at microfibers. You triathletes, swimmers, surfers and sailors are sure to appreciate it. Synthetic microfibers are fast drying and provide superior weight-to-strength ratios. These fibers are also naturally anti-microbial, which allows for comfortable extended wear without the funk. KT Tape Pro's stronger elastic core retains its elasticity far better over time than cotton kinesiology tape. This means it will provide stronger support, for as long as you need it, and then some. Like top athletes, it relies on both strength and endurance to get the job done.

Pre-cut "I" Strips

KT Tape Pro is precut and ready to apply right out of the box. Precut strips have rounded corners which help to prevent the corners from snagging on things or the edges fraying. Each roll contains 20 10-inch "I" strips. That's 16.6 feet of tape all 2 inches wide, for your mathletes out there. KT Tape Pro uses an acrylic based medical grade adhesive that is gentle on skin. That means you can scratch your itch to exercise without having to scratch the itch that often comes with braces and traditional athletic tape.

About this item

  • 100% SYNTHETIC microfibers for better aquatic performance
  • UltraLite Elastic Core - for better support
  • Secondskin Adhesive for use in extreme conditions
  • Precut "I" strips for easy handling
  • Includes protective travel case
  • Reflective safety design for use in the dark
  • Latex free for sensitive skin
  • Step-by-step instructions for applying
  • Includes twenty-10" precut "I" strips per roll