Stay Hydrated with CamelBak Water Bottles

Staying hydrated on your outdoor fitness routines just got easier with the help of Camelbak water bottles. Couriers and others engaged in distance travelling outdoors will also benefit from the convenience and savings of a dedicated water bottle. What sets Camelbak bottles apart from the rest? Is a water bottle all you need to ensure hydration during outdoor exercise?

Camelbak Features Several styles are available with different features. Runners and hikers will likely choose hydration packs, reservoirs and filters for the best tasting water. Cyclists are often already carrying gear for minor bike repairs and other things, so they may lack room in the backpack for a reservoir. Bike-mounted, Camelbak water bottles are a great choice for short trips or when you know a refueling spot isn't too far away. A tube adapter makes them function the same as hydration packs, and they hold a maximum of one liter in a BPA-free bottle.

This last is an important feature for bottles taken on outdoor exercise. The FDA has eliminated the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups due to the negative health effects. Sunlight and heat cause plastics made with BPA to leach the substance into the water. This changes the taste and may cause harm over long-term use. Camelbak water bottles help you avoid the problem altogether by eliminating BPA from the manufacturing process altogether.

Avoiding Dehydration

Exercise is important preventive medicine for many chronic diseases, and it is also useful for those undergoing treatment. People with heart disease, the elderly, and those currently on cancer treatment regimens must take special care to avoid dehydration.

The best advice is to always pay attention to how much you are sweating. Sweat is your body's way of cooling itself. If you're hot and stop sweating, you are becoming dehydrated. The best remedy is to drink as needed from Camelbak water bottles during scheduled rest periods. A timer or heart rate monitor with built-in alarms for rest periods and your target heart beat range ensure you don't miss a trainer-recommended cool-down period with Camelbak water bottles.