PerformTex Original Cotton Kinesiology Tape

by Performtex
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Product Details

Product Details

PerformTex cotton tape aims at bringing their customers with the best quality tape that can offer them impressive muscle support for an enhanced sports activity. With this kinesiology tape, the improvement in the adhesive formula and strength is unparalleled.

This revolutionary sports tape by PerformTex has therapeutically benefits and comes loaded with the company’s patent “twin groove” technology. Under this feature, the tape has many release points all over its surface, which allows easy perspiration and faster evaporation of sweat. Your skin will be able to breathe during your workouts, and your muscles will easily recover from every intense session.

The “pressure diamond” pattern of the tape also encourages the mechanical transduction input through the skin into deeper skin layers.


    It is a great support for knee, back, shoulder, and neck muscles.

    It will provide relief to elbow pain, carpal tunnel, and plantar issues.

    It reduces swelling and inflammation in muscles.

    It accelerates the recovery and healing of muscles from an intense workout.

    It prevents overuse and over-contraction of working muscles.

    It will delay the fatigue and will improve your endurance.

    No latex is used

    Enhanced elastic properties

    Enhanced adhesive strength


    It is made with patent-pending hybrid fiber

    Approved with 100% medical grade, heat activated adhesive

    It is very lightweight

    It has water-resistant abilities

    It dries rapidly for improved adhesiveness

    It can be easily released

    Stays on twice as long as other cotton kinesiology tapes