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Seca 201 Girth Measuring Tape

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Seca 206 Mechanical Measuring Tape

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Seca 212 Baby and Toddler Head Measuring Tape

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Seca 213 Portable Stadiometer

$194.95 $159.00
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Seca 354 Baby Scale

$199.00 $179.00
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Seca 421 Carrying Case

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Seca 491 BMI Calculator

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Seca 700 Mechanical Column Scale With Eye-level Beam

$209.00 $189.00
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Seca 750 Mechanical Flat Scale

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  • White
  • Burgundy Red
  • Midnight Blue

Seca 760 Mechanical Flat scale

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Seca 763 Digital Weighing and Measuring Station

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Seca 769 Digital Column Scale with BMI Function

$299.00 $289.00
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  • White

Seca 803 clara Digital Scale

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Seca 807 Aura Digital Flat Scale with Glass Platform

$139.00 $93.00
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Seca 813 Electronic Flat Scale with High Capacity

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Seca 817 Marina Flat Scale-High Capacity-Grooved Glass Platform

$129.00 $95.99
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As the world leader for medical weighing, seca has set the standard in function, technology and design for 168 years. In collaboration with practitioners and researchers, seca develops scales and dimensional measuring equipment that meets the greatest demands in precision and reliability.

seca is measured on the basis of local characteristics and regional standards. Branches in Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Japan, China, Mexico and the US, as well as a distribution network in 110 countries ensure that seca is able to quickly identify different requirements of national markets worldwide. Customised weighing and measuring systems are the answer to the requirements and current development.

The meaningful interaction between medicine, technology and design is always important for all seca products. Only when the interaction is right can the focus be on the most important thing in weighing and measuring: the person.