Monitors for EQUINE (Horses)

If you're training your horse for racing, it's important to have specific measures of success along the way. Sure, you may have times and distances to work with, but what's really going on with your horse? To get a more accurate reading of training procedures, it's best to utilize an equine heart rate monitor. At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we carry Polar equine heart rate monitors that are specifically designed to help you better monitor your horse's heart rate.

Able to accurately measure your horse's exertion levels during exercise while monitoring resting and recovery heart rates, a Polar horse heart rate monitor can let you know what your horse is capable of as you go throughout the training process. Use a Polar equine heart rate monitor to measure progress or to even alert yourself and other trainers of potential issues with your horse's performance.

Make sure that you can see what your full racing potential is by using a Polar equine heart rate monitor from the selection at Heart Rate Monitors USA.