The Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitors

The RCX5 by Polar is an impressive heart rate monitor to say the least. Able to deliver optimized training for endurance athletes of all kinds, the Polar RCX5 is the ideal training computer for runners, cyclists, triathletes, marathoners, and other athletes who have a passion for going further, faster, and harder than the competition.

Each Polar RCX5 heart rate monitor offers a variety of features to make training easier and more effective than ever. ZoneOptimizer will help you adjust your heart rate zones so that you can make each training session more effective. Built-in sport profiles make sure that you can switch your monitoring between different sports in a flash. Polar Fitness Test lets you test your aerobic fitness level in minutes. Interval Trainer Workouts offer guided training options based on heart rate, pace, distance, and time. With the included hybrid transmitter, you can even get disturbance-free monitoring of your heart rate in water. Finally – a training computer that can keep up. And these are only a few of the features included in this razor sharp training tool.

But at Heart Rate Monitors USA, we want to take this training computer to the next level. To do that, we've created a series of Polar RCX5 training computer bundles. Each Polar RCX5 training bundle from Heart Rate Monitors USA offers the same power of the Polar RCX5, only with additional accessories designed to help you maximize your training for your sport. Whether you're a cyclist, triathlete, marathoner, or endurance athlete, we’ve got a training bundle to fit your unique needs for accurate performance tracking and heart rate monitoring. Check out the Polar RCX5 packages we offer at Heart Rate Monitors USA. We know you’ll find the one that’s designed to fit your unique training needs:

Get the Polar RCX5 training bundle to match your training needs today at Heart Rate Monitors USA. You train. We'll keep you motivated.