Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Training Series

Used properly a heart rate monitor is like having a coach alongside you during every run, cycle, lap or training exercise. Whether training for a triathlon or doing laps in the pool, athletes need a dependable heart rate monitor. The Polar RCX5 provides a variety of features designed to suit the needs of every athlete – no matter what his or her sport.

Made by Polar and designed to be a training companion for any athlete, the Polar RCX5 is one of the hottest heart rate monitors available. One of the many features included with the Polar RCX5 is downloadable endurance training programs from the website, popularpersonaltrainer.com, when using the Polar DataLink.

This useful website allows users to view and analyze training data while they are in route, see the intensities they have trained at, gives a summary of training session, and tracks the athletes training load in order to tell when they're ready for another training session. It’s like having a coach along every step of the way. The Polar RCX5 also includes a disturbance-free hybrid transmitter, allowing an athlete to receive his or her heart rate signal at all times, including while swimming.

While riding a bicycle, the Polar RCX5 measures cycling speed, distance and cadence by Polar cycling sensors using wireless W.I.N.D technology. At the same time, a tiny G5 GPS sensor measures speed and distance, tracking a cyclists route.

During every run the Polar RCX5 allows a runner to measure speed and distance, as well as cadence and average stride length. A ZoneOptimizer is included, which adjusts the athlete's five heart rate zones during every training session, based on their current physiological condition. To put it simply, the Polar RCX5 is an essential workout companion for any athlete.

Some of the Polar RCX5's design includes a:

  • Lightweight design
  • Soft, flexible arm band
  • Rechargeable battery, using a USB cable, which lasts up to 20 hours
  • Large icons on the display screen for easier visibility during training
  • A hard coated aluminum frame, which protects the lens
  • Optimized lightweight structure
  • Laser sealed and ultrasonic welded construction to avoid water damage
  • Flat screen lens for reduced glare
  • Hard coated lens to avoid scratches
  • Large stainless steel buttons


You can learn more about the new Polar RCX5 and its unique features by calling Heart Rate Monitors USA at 1-800-403-8285. Ready to order? Check out the official product page for details.