Interval Training With Polar Heart Rate Monitors

For many of us, treadmills and stationary bikes are a necessity, not a want – we need to use them when it’s raining buckets outside, when the temperatures are a bit too frosty for us to hit that pavement, or if we live in an area that unfortunately isn’t running and biking-friendly. Interval training is a great way to increase fat burn and beat that dreaded treadmill and training bike boredom. Heart rate monitoring is at the core of interval training, and we have some tried and true interval training tips using Polar Heart Rate Monitors, one of the top heart rate monitors on our website.

Tip 1: Find your maximum heart rate.
Finding your max heart rate is actually surprisingly simple: simply subtract your age from 220. This your anaerobic heart rate – your maximum heart rate. Then, subtract about 25 beats, and you’ll have your approximate aerobic heart rate. Take note of these, as you’ll want to carefully monitor them with one of our Polar Heart Rate Monitors.

Tip 2: Plan your interval schedule.
If you do a Google search for “interval running plans” or “interval biking plans” you’ll find a ton of interval training ideas, ranging from the easy to the I-need-to-print-this-out-and-bring-with-me plans. We have a stunningly simple one for you:

     • (1) five minute run/bike at a slow, warm-up speed

     • (8) sets of:

            º (1) two minute run/bike in your anaerobic heart rate zone, then

            º (1) one minute run/bike in your aerobic heart rate zone

            º Repeat seven more times, increasing your speed with each set

     • (1) five minute run/bike at a slow, cool-down speed

Feel free to add more sets as the mood (and endurance) strikes you. Just remember to use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, like the Garmin Forerunner 910XT Multisport GPS Training Watch, to keep a close eye on your heart rate. This is absolutely key to proper interval training.

Tip 3: Increase your set time.
Interval training does wonders in combating exercise boredom, but as with any exercise, you need to mix it up. As you get more accustomed to monitoring your heart rate using Polar Heart Rate Monitors and you start to build your endurance up, begin spending a minute or two longer in the anaerobic heart rate zone. You’ll be boosting your recovery abilities and endurance in no time by using Polar Heart Rate Monitors and a great interval training plan.