Polar FT4 Fitness Heart Rate Monitors Aid in Training Guidance

Polar FT4 Fitness Heart Rate Monitors Aid in Training Guidance

Cardiovascular exercise is a strong tool for better health overall, as well as the prevention of many common health concerns. But there is a right and wrong way to exercise – and the wrong way is to exercise without any guidance. Whether you are a beginner or years into a training program, Polar FT4 heart rate monitors make it easy to set goals and track performance. They also keep the tracking process simple with a user-friendly design.

Monitors must have continuous access to the pulse for maximum effectiveness. A Unisex model is available for multiple users. Other models are designed specifically for wear by men or women. There are also cycle mounts and other devices for different types of exercise. All Polar FT4 heart rate monitors provide the following features for more productive exercise.

Target Zone Training
Polar FT4 heart rate monitors have an automatic feature for setting heart zone by age. It tracks the average across a workout and establishes a maximum for comparison between workouts. The heart rate zone can also be set manually for those under strict cardiovascular training orders. This zone is established as beats per minute, percentage of heart rate reserve, or percentage of rate maximum. Audiovisual alarms show when you hit the zone and when you leave it.

Button or Hands-free Information
The Polar OwnCode collects and transmits information to a designated PC with training software on an encrypted signal. Sometimes workouts take you outdoors away from the computer, and button operation is used to switch between displays of information. the HeartTouch features allows for button-free operation in the vicinity of the designated computer.

Caloric Expenditurev Polar OwnCal tracks caloric expenditure across the workout. This feature of Polar FT4 heart rate monitors is essential for serious trainers and those who are otherwise on strict diets. Fat-burning estimates are included as a total of burned calories within each workout and across several.

Tracking Across Workouts
Another necessity for motivation and accuracy is tracking progress across workouts. Polar FT4 heart rate monitors hold up to 10 fitness files for easy tracking. Information can be stored on the selected computer, or it may be manually entered into PolarPersonalTrainer.com for progress across a greater number of workouts.