Activity Monitors (Watch Style)

Fitness watches can be valuable tools as you train for a sport or work towards a weight loss goal. Able to give you important data about your performance and progress, fitness watches are an essential training tool to have on hand, no matter what your level of experience or skill in a particular sport. At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we offer pedometer watches and fitness watches that are perfect for keeping track of your steps and other important workout information as you walk, run, or jog your way to a better body or a personal goal.

Made by top brands like Garmin, Sportline, and Polar, our activity monitors offer superior tracking of your fitness information with virtually no setup required. Track distance, time, pace, calories, burned, and even heart rate. Easy-to-use and packed with features to make the most of your workouts, our pedometer watches are an excellent choice for anyone at any fitness level.

Take a step forward from pedometers to pedometer watches to get the most out of your training. With every step, you'll be calculating how far you’ve come and how far you'll need to go to achieve your fitness goals.