Step Pedometers

Walking can yield a variety of health benefits. From boosted energy to weight loss, walking truly does a lot for your body. If you want to track your steps and encourage healthy walking habits, it may help to keep a pedometer on hand. At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we carry step pedometers that are perfect for counting every step you make toward your wellness goal.

A step is more than just a movement. It's actually a "step" closer toward a desired weight, race time, or overall feeling of well being. With a step counter pedometer at your side, you can stay motivated as you watch your steps meet and exceed your targets. Our step counters and pedometers feature tracking of, well, steps, and a few other helpful metrics, like time, to give you a clear picture of what direction you're moving in when it comes to your fitness.

These step counter pedometers are also available in bulk quantities and are great for giving out to participants at wellness events, conferences, and run-walk races. Get step pedometers for your next walking workout from our selection.