Multifunction Pedometers

Multi-function pedometers offer more than your basic step counter. Able to track things like aerobic steps, stride, calories, fat burned, workouts, and speed, multi-function pedometers are the ideal pedometer choice for the serious walker. With data provided by a multi-function pedometer, you can better design a workout plan that meets your needs.

Made by top brands like Sportline, Yamax, Oregon Scientific, and Omron, these pedometers for walking are designed to be used at just about any angle, ensuring the most monitoring, not to mention, superior comfort. Wear them on a pocket, bag, or hip - it's all up to your personal preference.

These Sportline, Yamax, Oregon Scientific, and Omron pedometers also come packed with user-friendly features so you can track your workout progress on the move with just the touch of a button. Compact yet capable, our multifunction pedometers are a great choice for any athlete.