Oregon Scientific Pedometers

Oregon Scientific is a manufacturer that knows what's needed to keep up with your body as well as your performance. At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we’re proud to carry Oregon Scientific pedometers so that you can achieve a higher level of wellness, fitness, or weight loss using training data that only pedometers can provide.

Able to work in any position and designed to be affordable, Oregon Scientific pedometers track distance, calories, and steps on easy-to-read displays so that you get the numbers you need on the move. Clip them to your purse, your shoe, your shorts, or even wear it as a necklace. Oregon Scientific pedometers are flexible and responsive – just what you need when you're training toward something better. Choose from basic and multi-function models, like the PE903, to find the one that's right for you.

Shop and save on Oregon Scientific pedometers, like the PE903 multi-function pedometer or the PE320 basic pedometer, to meet your needs as an athlete. Whether you're recreational or serious, we've got the pedometer you need to keep on top of your steps.