Mio Pedometers

With every step, you can feel confident in Mio. As one of the most trusted brands in fitness, Mio offers pedometers that are designed to help you keep in step with your fitness goals. Mio Step pedometers help you track your steps, calories, and stride – but those aren’t the only reasons why you should go with Mio pedometers.

Mio Step pedometers also come packed with user-friendly features that make them easy to train with. Clip them on to your belt, pocket, pants, or bag and start walking for convenient and accurate monitoring. Want to listen to some tunes while you walk? We offer Mio Step pedometers that include an FM radio. Need even more analysis? The high tech Mio Step 4 Pedometer includes a body fat analyzer to take you even further. And these are just a handful of features that come inside a Mio pedometer.

Shop and save on Mio pedometers at Heart Rate Monitors USA. A great choice for both serious and recreational walkers!