Hydro Flask Bottles - Eco-Friendly Options for Every Family

Plastics have become the standard for beverage and other liquid containers, but they pose a couple of problems. Plastics still contain the toxin BPA, which was banned by the FDA from use in baby bottles and sippy cups. In recognizing the health threat, the FDA neglected to protect older children and adults. Plastics also fail to retain or block heat for long periods. HydroFlask bottles provide a long-term storage solution with the risks inherent to plastic.

Non-reactive and Insulated Construction
HydroFlask bottles use stainless steel instead of plastic, and there is no plastic lining. This obviates the many risks posed by BPA in plastics, which include heart disease, reproductive problems, and obesity. Unlike steel mugs and other liquid containers, these bottles use food-grade stainless steel in two layers with vacuum-sealed insulation. Condensation is eliminated, and the bottles remain cool to the touch regardless of the heat or coldness of the contents.

HydroFlask bottles are completely leach-free with no risk of contamination. Bottles are tested to hold hot or cold liquids at a steady temperature for 12-24 hours dependent on volume and temperature. Pre-chilling or pre-warming the interior will extend the the length of time bottles hold a set temperature. Since the surface is food-grade stainless steel, it does not hold the aroma or taste of previous contents.

Size Options
Everyone has experienced driving with a mug a little too large for the cup holder. If you're looking for a travel mug, 12 ounce HydroFlask bottles are the perfect choice. They are designed to fit in most cup holders. Wide mouth bottles are a good choice for keeping soups hot for a quick dinner, and narrow 18 ounce bottles make a great travel companion while cycling.

Other options include the 12 and 17 ounce food flasks, 64 ounce Growler bottles, and 40 ounce wide-mouth bottles. Whether you're taking a long hike or a short business flight, you have a choice of containers for keeping both food and liquids warm or cold for longer periods of time than most small coolers. HydroFlask bottles are reasonably priced and perfect for every member of your family.