Arthritis / Sports Therapy

Strained or sore muscles are pretty common, especially when you look at all of the things our bodies can do. We can climb mountains, run marathons, chase after little ones...let's face it: we're pretty active. But when you start to ache or you feel a strain, the best thing to do is apply some hot or cold therapy. Hot and cold therapy products can be a great tool for relaxing those tense muscles or providing relief when you’ve injured a muscle.

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we provide a great selection of heat therapy and cold therapy products by top brands like Ice It! and Thermophore. These cold packs and heating pads are a must for giving you the relief you need after muscle strain or injury. Heat therapy increases blood flow to help the healing process and also relaxes the strained muscles while cold therapy brings down swelling and provides slight pain relief.

Get the power of hot and cold therapy by shopping the selection of Ice It! cold packs and Thermophore heating pads at Heart Rate Monitors USA. They’re a must for athletes or arthritis!