Battle Creek Heat Therapy Thermophore Headache & Migraine Kit  (Model 610)
Battle Creek Heat Therapy Thermophore Headache & Migraine Kit  (Model 610)

Ice it Hot & Cold Headache & Migraine Kit (Model 610)

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Headaches are personal and vary greatly. Finally a drug-free approach to headaches that can be personalized for the user.
  • One Plush Insulated Head Wrap With Hook and Loop Closure Tab
  • One Eye Wrap With Adjustable Strap Allows For Versatile Use
  • Three 3″ x 8″ Soft Cool/Heat Packs (already in the head wrap)

Cool/Heat Packs stay soft and flexible, even when frozen. Head Wrap delivers convenient cold and hot therapy with a gentle, adjustable compression. Head Wrap allows freedom of movement while holding reusable Cool/Heat Packs securely on the targeted area. It is important to know what type of a headache you have and its trigger.

Cold: Cold therapy makes your blood vessels constrict and calms inflammation. This can reduce the tension in your head, which will ease your pain. Cold compresses also have a natural numbing effect.


Hot: Heat Therapy compresses will relax your muscles. 
If your headaches are caused by tension in the jaw, neck or shoulders, applying heat relaxes tight muscles and eases your pain. Heat tends to relax you all over, which can help to manage stress as well.