Monitors for Weight Loss/Fitness/Cardio

If you've decided to run, bike, hike, jog, walk, or even dance for weight loss, then be sure that you can track your progress at every step of the way with one of our heart rate monitors or fitness watches. Designed to track stats like calories burned and target heart rate zones, our Polar heart rate monitors, Garmin fitness watches, and TomTom heart rate watches are just what you need to improve your training plan.

For general fitness tracking or for heart rate monitor beginners, we recommend models like the Polar FT4, Polar FT7, or the Garmin FR60. Need a training companion for your cardio or weight loss regimen? Try the Spri Xercuffs Heavy Resistance. Any of these makes and models of heart rate monitor can be an ideal fit for your weight loss or workout plan.

Get heart rate monitoring and calorie burning tracking for fitness, cardio, and general weight loss with any of these Polar heart rate monitors, Garmin fitness watches, or Bowflex Fit Trainer watches.