Polar RC3 Integrated GPS Watch Takes You Further

Outdoor training is essential for marathon and triathlon training, and it is beneficial for anyone seeking more excitement in their usual workout routine. With the help of the Polar RC3 watch, you will find it easy to track your progress, speed, and route using GPS technology. Many other features make this watch an excellent addition to swimming, cycling, and running programs.

The basic GPS model of the Polar RC3 measures training totals. You can store the speed, distance, and route from multiple sessions. the watch will also count up to 99 laps per profile. Instant feedback is available using the Training Benefit program. Performance is further validated with the running Index score, and all information is uploadable into the Polar Personal Trainer program.

Whether you are conditioning for a major event or using exercise as complimentary medicine, the Polar RC3 can be upgraded with heart monitor technology. Vital sign monitoring is a powerful tool both for aerobic biofeedback and a closer look at performance gains. You'll have instant access to numerous body measurements, including resting and maximum pulse rates, average and maximum rates per session or lap, and customizable alarms for your pre-set pulse range.

Training Guidance
Polar products have long led the competition in the search for integrated electronics and software useful for training purposes. The Polar RC3 watch is compatible with multiple pieces of software, which are made accessible via internal storage and USB connection to any PC or Mac computer. The Smart Calories program uses intensity and duration to calculate fat percentage of calories. The Fitness Test lets you know where you stand, so you can plan a more productive training schedule.

Functional Features
A watch with all the above features must also include user-friendly controls and display. The Polar RC3 uses a backlight for low visibility situations. Keylock prevents accidental changes to the user settings. Multi-language display and a rechargeable battery make the slim style of this GPS watch perfect for cyclists, swimmers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Online software for the Polar RC3 GPS Watch is easily accessible with USB ported computers and Internet connection.