Who doesn’t love a great outdoor adventure? Hiking and other outdoor activities can be a great time as long as you’re full prepared with the proper outdoor adventure gear. If you’re planning on backpacking, camping, or hiking, there are several materials you will need to stay healthy and safe on your trip. Deuter sleeping bags will keep you warm and cozy at night. We carry a variety of sizes, colors, and weather type sleeping bags for you to choose from. Also it is very important to stay hydrated during your daily adventures. While we have many water bottles to choose from you may want to try one of our hydration backpacks. These great packs keep water cool and hands free and a long straw tube for easy access.

Camping would also require a tent. We carry a great selection of tents for 1 occupant up to 8! In your tent, you can lay your sleeping pad and sleeping bag for a comfortable night’s sleep. Store all of these great items in a backpacking backpack. Our backpacks are lightweight and make traveling, backpacking, camping or hiking a breeze. Comfortable adjustable straps also help make your adventure more fun.

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