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From Garmin GPS watches to sophisticated Garmin cycling computers, our selection of Garmin products is second to none. We carry all of the training and exercise essentials you need to go above, beyond, and farther than ever before in your sport, no matter what it may be. Whether you're competing in your first 5K or a cycling marathon, our Garmin heart rate monitors, GPS watches, and accessories will sure that you're equipped with the tools to do your best in every contest.

Our selection includes favorites like the Garmin Forerunner series, Garmin FR60, Garmin 405, Garmin Edge series, and even Garmin heart rate monitor and cycling computer accessories to ensure that your favorite tracking tool can keep up. If you’re looking for the perfect heart rate monitor, cycle computer, or accessory, let the selection of Garmin products at Heart Rate Monitors equip you with the right tools to help you exceed your athletic expectations.

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