Garmin GPS Heart Rate Monitors: Sophisticated Training Meant for Your Sport

When it comes to delivering the training tools you need for your sport, Heart Rate Monitors USA has the experience and the selection to help you achieve any training goal. In our selection of heart rate monitors, we're proud to carry one of the best brands in the business, Garmin, to meet the specific training requirements of any athlete, no matter what his or her sport. Garmin heart rate monitors are made with the athlete in mind. They’re comfortable, easy to use, and versatile, so they can keep up with you as you tackle a target heart rate or a personal record. If you've been looking for a new training companion, a Garmin heart rate monitor is a great place to start.

Garmin GPS heart rate monitors aren't just training tools - they can be full-on coaches. Packed with training and tracking features that make it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals, Garmin heart rate monitors can support your thirst for competition and your desire to improve with things like:

  • GPS tracking, for both indoor and outdoor monitoring
  • Monitoring of heart rate, cadence, speed, pace, and distance
  • Support for the Garmin Connect community
  • Vibration alerts
  • Unique training zones based on sport and heart rate


These are only a few of the features that come in a Garmin heart rate monitor. If you're ready to take advantage of them all, be sure to check out our Garmin monitor selection. These training computers are powerful and can keep up with you at every step.

According to Garmin, more than one billion miles have been logged in the Garmin Connect community. That’s a lot of miles – and now you can add yours to the total. Get your Garmin heart rate monitor today and start training smarter.