Garmin Foreunner 735XT GPS Multi Sport Watch

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Forerunner® 735XT Pearls of Wisdom – By “Garmin Gary” Rosenberg

Up until recently, there has only been one inline Garmin Forerunner designed for multisport. The most recent, Forerunner 920XT, was designed to have a long enough battery for athletes to complete an ironman as well as for ultra-runners to complete their longer races. Since not every triathlete competes in ironman competitions, we have come up with a new 2nd option in this category. The new Forerunner 735XT is designed for half ironman competitors as well as high end runners. It is a smaller watch that comes in 2 colors and 3 options per color.

  • GPS Battery life of 14 hours (24 hours in Ultratrac mode)

    • Ultratrac mode extends the GPS battery from 14 hours to 20 by turning on the GPS approximately every minute to get a data point and then back off to save the battery. All other accessories are still on and the built in accelerometer in the watch is used to calculate pace and distance while the GPS is off. This is great for ultra-racing and multi-day hikes

  • Waterproof up to 50 meters

  • High resolution color display

  • Advanced Heart Rate Monitor Metrics :

    • It is necessary for the user to run with a HRM for approximately 1 week for the heart rate metric values to be more accurate

    • Training Effect:

      • This feature measures the impact of an activity on your aerobic fitness. The watch will learn your aerobic fitness over the course of several activities. Training Effect has a value between 1 and 5. This is a great feature to make sure you are not over training and getting enough rest after hard activities.

  • VO2 Max estimate

    • Based on thousands of tests, this estimated value should be within +/- 2.7%

    • A power meter plus a hard 20 minute ride is required to get a VO2 Max Estimate for cycling

  • Lactate Threshold

    • This will provide the user with a pace and HR at which going at a higher intensity will generate lactate at a pace faster than can be removed. This value is typically your tempo pace

  • Stress Score

    • This is a 3 minute standing test that measures physiological changes to let the user know if they are ready to do a hard workout or not for the day

  • Recovery Advisor

    • Recovery Time

      • This is an estimate given, when an activity is completed, of how much time is required before the user’s next hard effort

  • Performance Condition

    • This will provide the user with a real time assessment of their recovery typically within the first 12 minutes of their current activity

  • Race Predictor

    • Based solely on the user’s estimated VO2 Max, this feature will predict the user’s times for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon

  • Strava Suffer Score: Analyzes your HR during an activity and ranks your total activity effort

  • 2nd Generation Running Dynamics: Using our HRM-RUN or HRM-TRI strap which has an accelerometer built in

    • Cadence

      • Unlike the foot pod, which counts only the foot with the foot pod on it, this will count both your left and right feet steps per minute

    • Ground Contact/Balance

      • This is how long your foot is touching the ground. The higher the value, the less efficient the runner

      • Ground Contact Time Balance measures a runner’s ground contact symmetry, which some runners have found to correlate with injuries or strength imbalances

  • Vertical Oscillation/Ratio

    • This is the measurement of the up and down vertical movement of the runner. The higher the value, the less efficient the runner. VR is VO divided by Stride Length to normalize the value and make it more comparable from runner to runner

  • Intensity Minutes

  • Varia lights, radar and Varia Vision compatible

  • Just like the HRM-RUN and foot pod, the Forerunner 735XT has a built in accelerometer. This is used to measure the user’s pace and distance while running without GPS (typically indoors) as well as provide running cadence without the need for a foot pod

  • Connected Features (Garmin Connect Mobile APP required)

    • NOTE: A phone with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy also known as Bluetooth Smart) is required for the connected features to work. This is currently all iPhone 4S or higher and Android phones with BLE.

    • Live Tracking

      • Allows people to follow you with live data in real time

    • Upload activities wirelessly to Garmin Connect

    • Social media sharing

  • Metronome for running profiles

    • These can be set up to every other, 3rd, 4th or 6th step

    • The alerts can be vibrations, tones or both

  • Smart Notifications

    • Get email, text messages, call alerts, calendar reminders and more

  • Extended Timeout

    • This can be set on race day to give the user 25 minutes before the watch times out and goes back to time of day

  • 13 profiles and 5 multi-sport profiles

    • These can have a custom name and color

    • Some examples of different profiles could be:

      • Race – You could have Extended Timeout turn on, Auto Pause turn off and different screens setup…

      • Indoor Cycling- You could have GPS turned off…

      • You could have a multi-sport profile setup for a triathlon, duathlon or brick

Activity Tracker

  • Counts steps, distance and calories and alerts you with “Move!” if you haven’t moved for at least 1 hour

    • A long red bar will indicate little to no movement for 1 hour and smaller red segments to indicate additional 15 minutes of inactivity

    • An Auto Goal will be set based on the users profile and can change daily to keep the user motivated

    • Using this feature will lower the battery life

  • Swim drill logging

    • Plus carried over swim distance (open water or pool), pace, stroke identification, stroke count and rest timers

  • Heart rate in the water with the HRM-TRI (open water swimming) or HRM-SWIM (pool swimming)

  • Virb remote control

  • Additional activity profiles of: SUP, Rowing, Hiking, XC Skiing, Strength, Cardio, Other


    • GLONASS is a Russian satellite constellation similar to the USA’s GPS

    • GPS + GLONASS will give better accuracy in poor reception areas (urban canyons and wooded areas with heavy tree coverage)

    • The use of GLONASS will lower the battery life

  • Personal Records

    • The fastest Mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and Longest Run are stored on the watch and the user is notified when any new records are accomplished during a run

  • Downloadable Training Plans

    • Training schedules can be created on Garmin Connect and downloaded to the watch. The calendar on the watch will show you scheduled workouts and these scheduled workouts can be selected to us

  • Connect IQ

    • Custom watch faces

    • Custom data fields

    • Custom applications

    • Data at a glance like weather and sports scores with custom widgets

    • The options available with Connect IQ are endless…

  • Vibrate Alert: You never have to worry about not hearing your watch beep again with this feature. The Forerunner 735XT can beep and/or vibrate for all alerts.

  • Alerts: You can setup alerts based on Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, Run/Walk, Cadence, Pace and Custom

    • Custom Alerts

  1. You can now setup Alerts to let you know when to Drink, Eat, Turn Around, Go Home or any custom alerts that you can configure yourself like a High 5 alert to make sure you are not giving them too often…

  • Auto Pause

  • If this feature is turned on, when you come to a stop the watch will be paused (the same as when you hit stop) and when you start back up it will start again. This is best used when you are running in a city where you may be stopping at many intersections.

  • Auto Scroll

  • If this feature is turned on, the screens that are enabled will be automatically scrolled through at one of three speeds: Slow, Medium or Fast (1, 3 or 5 second intervals)

  • Workouts: You can setup Interval or Custom workouts based on Time, Distance, Heart Rate, Power or Calories. You no longer need to go to a track to do a workout.

  • Courses: You can save a course you previously did and race against yourself (Race an Activity) or use it to navigate you through the course again (following the bread crumb trail). Courses can be transferred to other Garmin users by downloading from Garmin Connect.

  • Navigation: You can Save a Location (Where your car is parked, hotel or home), Go To a Location or go Back To Start. Back To Start is a great function for when you are running in a location you are not familiar with to help get you back to the start of the run. Back to Start in this model works the same as a way point. Both will tell you how far and in which direction to go to get back to the start as the eagle flies

  • Map with a breadcrumb trail

  • Virtual Partner: This is great for helping you pace a training run/ride, tempo run/ride or race. All you do is set the pace you want to run/ride and you will be told how far ahead or behind you are by time and distance in real time. You can even change the pace during the run/ride.


** By holding in the Up arrow button, a menu will pop up for Music Controls, Clock Options (to change the Watch Face, Alarms…) and Lock Device (locks the buttons. Holding the Up arrow button again will unlock it)

When using with Bike Speed and Cadence Sensor: With no magnets or other exposed parts to line up, these sensors are easy to install, maintain and move between bikes.

The cadence sensor fastens to any crank arm size and measures pedal strokes per minute.

The speed sensor attaches to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrates to give you accurate speed and distance at all times, including indoors.