Seize Adventure with the Garmin Fenix

Whether you hike religiously, backpack through uncharted territory, enjoy the thrill of mountain biking, or enjoy locating hunting wild, edible mushrooms and herbs, the Garmin Fenix is a powerful tool for tracking and navigation. Garmin GPS navigation+ABC technology is compatible across operating systems, including PC, Mac, and mobile devices. The GPS navigation is sensitive enough to track progress through any type of terrain and provide guidance with accuracy measured in feet.

Tracking Features
The Garmin Fenix is outfitted with true GPS technology, which includes measurement of elevation, a barometer and temperature gauge. The 3-axis compass provides a handy way to maneuver in the wilderness and the city. Information storage and directional guidance are the tools that make this watch shine above others. Multiple routes can be stored in the watch comprising a maximum of 1,000 points of interest and 10,000 track points.

Free trip planning software is included for storing more routes. BaseCamp serves as a collection of all routes that can be downloaded toΒ the Garmin Fenix at any time. TracBack details the route home for any excursion. Routes can also be created before the trip or shared with other travelers.

The track log is the central feature tying together the enhanced GPS navigation. At specified intervals, the watch sets track points. This virtual train ensures return along the same path.

Information sharing is possible with any Garmin App enabled device. Blue tooth ready smartphones, for instance, can share routes across the wireless connection. BaseCamp software is designed for desktops. Regardless of the platform, software supports multiple profiles for users and data fields for performance metrics.

The Garmin Fenix is compatible with most sensors produced by Garmin, including heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, and caloric measurements. The watch can be programmed with alarm profiles, so you won't pass the halfway mark and be left stumbling in the dark on your next hike in the wilderness.

Battery power is an important consideration with outdoors electronics. The Garmin Fenix includes a Lithium-Ion battery pack with six weeks of power for watch mode and 16-50 hours in GPS mode.