Garmin Edge 500 Cycling Series

Performance. The mere mention of the word can spring you into action, especially if performance is something you pride yourself on in cycling. If you're a competitive cyclist who needs a new training computer to help you sharpen, push further, and exceed your targets, let Heart Rate Monitors USA introduce you to the Garmin Edge 500. This lightweight, GPS-based cycling computer is a powerhouse of features and performance. Yes, performance.

The Garmin Edge 500 drives you further because it's loaded with data, giving you the ability to track and refine your distance, speed, location, elevation, time, and calories burned. Save that data to review later or upload it to Garmin Connect, Garmin's own community and prime resource for data analysis and sharing. Build workouts, track your progress, and share your journeys with other cyclists. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a racing buddy to help you train for your next race. Speaking of races, the Garmin Edge 500 works with the Courses feature, a built-in training tool that helps you compare successive rides over the same route.

At the core of the Garmin Edge 500 is its powerful GPS system. The GPS receiver is highly sensitive and offers HotFix satellite prediction to help you calculate your position faster - and maintain accurate readings. All Edge 500 versions work with third-party ANT+-enabled power meters, and some versions also ship with a digital HRM and speed/cadence sensor.

When paired with a Garmin heart rate monitor, the Garmin Edge 500 is a formidable coach. Use your heart rate for advanced calorie computations, heart rate zone training, or comparisons on performance. Alerts built-into the unit ensures that you know what's been tracked and if it's being tracked accurately.

Jumpstart your training and take yourself to the next level with a cycling computer that can keep up with your ambition. The Garmin Edge 500 attaches easily onto the stem or handlebars of your bike with a low-profile bike mount; just attach with a simple quarter-turn. Once you're ready to ride, turn it on, acquire GPS signal, and go. It's that simple.

Get the Garmin Edge 500, and a Garmin heart rate monitor to match, at Heart Rate Monitors USA. We keep you moving and motivated toward your cycling performance goals.