Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

The Fitbit One is the ultimate activity tracker. During the day, the Fitbit One tracks your calories burned, stairs climbed, steps and distance - but it doesn’t stop there. When nighttime comes and you climb into bed, the Fitbit tracker joins you to track your sleep cycle, helps you to sleep better and wakes you up in the morning. The Fitbit One is one of the hottest items in our selection. It comes at a great price and ships free, too!

The Fitbit One comes in two great colors: black and burgundy. Included in your purchase of the One is the One tracker, silicone and metal clip, charging cord, wireless USB dongle, sleep wrist band and a free Fitbit membership. The membership allows you to log and track your progress. Track your activity, food, sleep, water, weight, body mass and more to stay motivated toward your fitness goals. The display has fun interactive tools to motivate you, such as a flower that grows and shrinks depending on your recent activity.

Battery life lasts at least 5 days, and comes with charger to recharge when necessary. Check out the Fitbit One and other Fitbit activity trackers and products right here at