Deuter Backpacks/Hydration

Deuter bags and backpacks are known around the world for their ability to carry your stuff in a way that other backpacks can't: comfortably, ergonomically, and durably. These long-lasting, tough backpacks and bags are made for the outdoors and are essentials for hikers, campers, skiers, and families who love to enjoy a little adventure from time to time.

In our selection of Deuter bags, you'll find Deuter backpacks for men and women, as well as Deuter kid carriers to make transporting your little one easy when you're on the trail. We also offer Deuter race backpacks, which are super lightweight. No matter what your activity or where you're going, you can find a Deuter backpack or bag to help you get there.

Designed to be comfortable and made for taking you (and your gear) wherever you need to go, Deuter backpacks have been celebrated in Adventure Journal, Ski Magazine, Forbes, Outside Magazine, and Skiing Magazine. Shop our selection of Deuter kid carriers, backpacks, and more today and save.